In-stores live streaming service

Audio/video distribution service over IP for retail stores. Distribute and play your program in your stores through our remotely managed Creabox players.



CreaCast offers a large-scale audio and video distribution service for sound and display applications for institutional public areas, stores or private sites. This service integrates IP transport, the provision and administration of audio and video players and 24/7 supervision.

Main features

  • Complete distribution service of your program.
  • Player devices supplied.
  • Remote management and supervision 24/7 of the player devices.
  • Automatically start playback.
  • Local playlist for configurable local playback or for backup.
  • Built-in FM tuner with configurable auto switch.


The CDN (Content Delivery Network or) is the network of servers specialized in the delivery of your program to all users, everywhere. We own our personal CDN dedicated exclusively to professional live streaming and On Demand services.


The service includes the supply of Creabox players installed in each point of sale. This equipment is remotly managed and permanently supervised by CreaCast.

Audience and statistics

You have an interface detailing the audience and statistics of consultation of your programs: instant audience, cumulative audience, geolocation, statistics.


You benefit from the permanent 24/7 monitoring of your programs thanks to the supervision function included in all our live streaming services. Receive email and SMS notifications in case of incidents. View event history from your user account.