On Demand audio/video hosting

ODcast is our On Demand file hosting service. With ODcast deliver your best programs in replay, anytime, from your website or your mobile applications.



The CDN (Content Delivery Network or) is the network of servers specialized in the delivery of your program to all users, everywhere. We own our personal CDN dedicated exclusively to professional live streaming and On Demand services.

Cross-platform compatibility

Your program is automatically adapted and broadcasted in the different formats compatible with the equipments on the market




Smart TV

Responsive and adaptive player

We provide a player to embed on your website. Display aspect and startup image can be modified. You can insert advertising sequences (pre-roll) before player starts playback. Interfacing with your ad network is available as well.

Audience and statistics

You have an interface detailing the audience and statistics of consultation of your programs: instant audience, cumulative audience, geolocation, statistics.


AOD, VOD standard *

Subscription 20 € per month
Hosting 0,1 € per GB hosted
Traffic 0,1 € per GB transferred

* Progressive download mode only. For AOD/VOD service in streaming mode please contact us.

Podcast Radio

Auto recording 24/7 59 € per month
Hosting 0,1 € per GB hosted
Traffic 0,1 € per GB transferred

Prices in € excl. VAT

CreaCast Terms of Sales (french)