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Gilles MISSLIN is a consultant in telecommunications, broadcasting and networks

With a university background (mathematics, electronics and software), he started at Alcatel in 1986 as a research engineer in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility, analogue and digital line interfaces. In the 80s, he participated in the creation of many radio stations, his true passion. In 1990, he took over a subcontracting company in electronics, which he restructured and which became Aztec Radiomedia. He sets his company apart by his personal involvement in the drafting of the RDS (Radio Data System) standard and the creation of products and systems based on digital signal processing (coders RDS (1992), Digiplexeurs (1995), FM Navigator (1996), IP2 (1999) ...) of which he has signed the electronic and software architecture. Gilles sells Aztec Radiomedia to Digigram in 1999, and settles in 2001 as a consultant (CTIC and FMNET) serving national and foreign institutions. In 2004, the Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel and the FM2006 working group entrusted him with the task of exploring, in relation with radio professionals, the different alternatives for the optimization of the French FM radio spectrum. The project has resulted in a roadmap that is now being implemented.

Philippe KLEIN is operations manager

After a training as a senior technician in electronics, Philippe becomes technical manager of Radio Campus Strasbourg where he ensures the technical management of the radio but also many services of recordings of interviews and concerts. In 1996 he joined the validation team of the DECT telephony department of Alcatel for the finalization of a new product range. In 1998 he joined Aztec Radiomedia, where he notably managed the deployment of new display and positioning systems (RDS and DGPS technologies) in the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois buses. After the merger with Digigram, Philippe become the pre-sales support manager of Aztec Radiomedia equipment and in particular the IP2 range (network equipment). In 2004 he joined the projects unit of Alsace Audiovisuel / IEC. As a researcher for fixed installations, he designs and configures audiovisual systems (sound, video, lighting, automaton) for theaters, museums and conference rooms. Since 2008 Philippe has been one of your operational interlocutors at CreaCast. Philippe is also a founding partner of CreaCast.

Eric LAEUFFER is an engineer in electronics and software

Eric started at Alcatel where he developed the audio part of the Webphone. He then joined Aztec Radiomedia in 2000 where he devoted himself to the development of audio functions on professional embedded products. Always at Aztec Radiomedia, Eric has assumed the development of functions for the direct decoding of FM radio signals. As a Linux and embedded systems specialist, now free lance ( ), Eric ensures for CreaCast the development of the specific codecs and their remote administration system.

Etienne KORDOS is a consultant in radiocommunications

Graduated in 2000 from the University of Lille engineering school, Etienne has 20 years of professional experience in this field, acquired in the private and public sectors. After 5 years at Towercast where he began his career as a researcher and then head of the department, Etienne set up the technical information system and the radio engineering methods in the fields of broadcasting (FM, Digital Terrestrial Television, radio links). He then joined the CSA in 2005 where he implemented the FM2006 frequency plan initiated by the work of Philippe Levrier and Gilles Misslin. Head of the radio broadcasting department he coordinates the work of the planning teams (creation of more than 1000 new FM frequencies in 4 years), participates in the regional and international conferences of 2006 and 2007 organized by the ITU in Geneva (implementation of the plan Digital Terrestrial Television and DAB in the VHF and UHF bands, negotiations on the release of the 800 MHz band for the benefit of 4G). Since 2010, Etienne has been an independent consultant to national or regional radio that he supports in their coverage development projects. He also brings his expertise in the deployment of wind farms to study the potential interference of the reception of Digital Terrestrial Television. Etienne becomes a partner of Creacast in 2014, he is in charge of developing the activity and the relations with the radios notably on the DAB+ aspects as well as developing the SUPCAST ​​surveillance network (ex FMNET).