(formerly FMNET)

Supervision service for radio / TV / stream

SUPCAST (formerly FMNET) is our supervision service for your radio / TV broadcast infrastructure (terrestrial, satellite or Internet). SUPCAST monitors streams, signals, sounds, videos, networks, equipments and ressources involved in your broadcast chain. Receive SMS and email notifications in case of failures. Check the status and the events historics of your infrastructure from your SUPCAST user account:



SUPCAST is our global supervision service for your live radio and TV streams, devices, sites, apps involved in the digital broadcasting chain of your programs. This service included the supervision of DAB and FM broadcasting as well, based on the FMNET receiver network, and satellite feeds.

Supported systems

Router, Creabox, switches, radio and TV receivers, transmitters, codecs, computers, sensors, automation systems, weather forecast stations, FM, RDS, TMC, DAB, DAB+, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, TCP/IP, RS232, ICECAST, SHOUTCAST, MP3, AAC, MPEG2, H.264.


Get alerts by email, SMS, syslog, XML feed.

Supervision interface

With your SUPCAST user account get access to a global supervision interface : screens, graphs and logs.

Screen shot example


Features and prices

FMNET : supervision of FM and DAB by radio receiver

FMNET receiver shared, hosted by CreaCast outside broadcasting site
SUPCAST web interface
Frequency ranges FM, DAB
Audio missing monitoring
RF signal missing monitoring
Audio recording following a failure detection and daily 15 secondes sample
Monitoring of RDS PI failure (SID in DAB)
Monitoring of RDS RadioText availability (FM, DAB)
Monitoring of RDS TMC availability (FM)
Monitoring of Mediametrie watermarking
Graphs of historics RF signals, audio, RDS quality, FM multiplex bandwidth
Remote audio listening for fast checking or when setting up a sound processor occasionally and on appointment
Detailed analysis Audio, Multiplex, RF, RDS, AF, TMC, RadioText
Detailed statistical curves Audio, Multiplex, RF
Management of broascaster penalties option, please contact us
Events logs formats : web, json, xml, csv
Radio database CSA, HACA
Push notifications SMS, email
Pull notifications Status and logs json, xml, csv
Monthly price

20 € by frequency monitored with SMS / email warning


Other offers available, cheaper in consultation mode only : call us

CREASCAN : supervision of broadcasting site, control room, computer center

CREASCAN receiver and antenna provided by CREACAST
Internet access subscription / transmitter provided by CREACAST
CREASCAN receiver hosted on your own site
SUPCAST web interface for global overview
Main power monitoring : failure / end failure
Temperature monitoring : min / max
Instant monitoring of audio frequency failure
Monitoring of short audio failure (< 8 secondes)
Monitoring of RF frequency failure
Graphs of historics RF signals, audio, RDS quality
Email / SMS immediate warning
Events logs
Radio database CSA, HACA
Monthly price 25 € by CREASCAN receiver
Security deposit 100 € by CREASCAN receiver

SUPSTREAM : monitoring of radio / TV streams

Monitoring of audio signal failure
Monitoring of video failure
Monitoring of Mediametrie watermarking
Monitoring and analysis of image freeze
SUPCAST web interface for overview
Graphs of historics audio levels, image freeze, ratio
Immediate warning by email / SMS
Events logs
Monthly price

5 € by monitored stream


Free for users of our live streaming services

SUPWEB : monitoring of website / web data

Immediate warning by email / SMS for website or web data failures
SUPCAST web interface for overview
Graphs of historics of response time
Events logs
Monthly price 2 € by website monitored

SUPEQ : monitoring of network equipments

Monitoring of equipments availability router, server, computer, ...
Without receiver monitoring of device from the Internet (if available)
Monitoring of availability with ICMP
Monitoring of availability with SNMP (get_snmp)
Monitoring of availability with connection test (telnet)
Immediate warning by email / SMS
SUPCAST web interface for overview
Graphs of historics availability, response time
Events logs
Monthly price 2 € by device monitored

Prices in € excl. VAT

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